How to use Yi Home Camera 2 (1080p) outside of China, revisited

My server had a problem and I’m rebuilding this post. Be patient.

Firstly, this post is about Yi Home Camera 2. Currently Xiaoyi has various similar models. In each one of its models they make a Chinese version and an international version (same version but more expensive). Xiaoyi is making big efforts to block using Chinese models outside of China, forcing you to buy a international version.

I wrote an article some time ago to get this camera working, but after that Xiaomi enhanced its blocking procedure and this article is not valid any more.

Now Xiaomi check if your camera is connecting to their servers from a Chinese IP address or not.

The solution

In brief the solution is using a Chinese proxy, so Xiaomi will think your camera is in China. Easy, isn’t it?

Fortunately there is a project (yi-hack-v2) where someone (nicelet) has made a custom firmware for this camera with a option to setup a proxy, so all the credits for him/her.

The procedure to get your camera working again is:

  1. Download this firmware (2.1.1_20160429113900) and nicelet hack and copy it to a FAT formated SD card
  2. Edit the file yi-hack-v2.cfg and uncomment the last line (remove the starting ‘#’), and set one Chinese server (I use this list)
  3. Put your SD card. All is done. Now you can pair it with your Chinise phone app an get Live video with no problems

Note: The text editor to edit file yi-hack-v2.cfg is important. Its a linux file, someway different to a Windows one. I firstly used notepad and the hack doesn’t work. I then used Notepad++ and it worked perfectly. Mind this if you are having any trouble.

Currently my last line of yi-hack-v2.cfg is:


and with this proxy the camera is working for three months.

To get into account for the article:

Comarative version chart
The text editor is important, use notepad++
Refer the original author
Refer the list of proxys
Refer my previous article